Hotel Morpheus | Launch films

Three films commissioned for the opening of the iconic Morpheus Hotel in Macau - winner of building of the year 2019, and created by world-renowned architect Zaha Hadid for Melco Resorts.

The first film - narrated by Melco chairman Lawrence Ho - describes the dreamlike qualities of the design and creation of the building and was screened during a large scale press event announcing the near completion of the build.

The second - 'Welcome to Morpheus' - was shown on a giant 25m screen to kick start the Morpheus opening event, preceeding the opening speech.

The third film showcases the three different hotel brands that make up Melco's City of Dreams project; Nuwa, Morpheus and Libertine. It was designed to be loopable and used as part of an installation during launch events.

Client: Melco
Music & Sound Design:
 Wevie / Al Boorman
Creative Director:
Mark Cumming
Direction, Production, Motion Design, Animation 
Woodwork / Marvin Koppejan, Nina Fabel, Rob Wienk, Sjoerd Olislagers, Elroy Klee
Agency : Merchant Cantos, Hong Kong
Agency Producer : 
Alex WIlson
Stills photography :
Virgile Simon Bertrand