Wevie | Music & Sound Design

Wevie is a Music & Sound design studio run by Al Boorman - creating audio for TV, film, dance perfomances, comedy shows, art installations and record releases.

Drawn to music production from an early age, Al started out at the age of 6 - by recording a group of chickens down a telephone while hitting a 3 stringed guitar and a biscuit tin. Not a great deal has changed since then: some updated equipment, but that sense of play and experimentation still holds true - and is now combined with years of experience working on a diverse range of projects across the world.

All of this has given Wevie a stand out quality: knowing how to find just the right character and feel for a piece, whatever the genre. That's where the magic happens...

To discuss a project or brief, contact Al : info@wevie.tv