OHMME | rebrand

OHMME is a London based eco friendly clothing label, specialising in urban / sports performance wear.

From creating a brand audio logo, to scoring and sound designing various product films and a 12 part collection of short film portraits, I've been involved with helping to shape the character and feel of the brand through this online campaign.

More films added throughout 2020 as new products are released and the portrait series continues.

From OHMME :
'We are a lifewear brand.
Taking the pinnacle of performance as our baseline, our style blurs the
lines between work, gym and leisure — because your day is not a series
of boxes, but an organic flow. We capture the vitality, grit and verve
of London’s urban sports culture. The city is never still. The evolution
of its aesthetic never pauses."

Client : OHMME
Music & Sound Design : Wevie / Al Boorman
Film : OHMME