Wales | Year Of The Sea

Orchestral score for an international TV and Cinema ad for the Visit Wales campaign.

Featuring Luke Evans taking to the skies in a vintage seaplane, with some incredible aerial footage from the rural Welsh heartlands to the urban coastal capital.

I was commissioned to create a strong orchestral theme with moving string arrangements to help push the energy and ‘epic’ feel of flight in this cinematic piece.

Client : 
Welsh Government
Music : Wevie / Al Boorman
Creative Director : Smorgasbord / Dylan Griffith
Director : Marc Evans / Dylan Griffith
D.O.P : Luke Jacobs
Line Production : Orchard
Post Edit : Gorilla
Post VFX : Bait
Post Audio : Cranc
Grade : Cinematic
Production Designer : Amelia Shankland
Stills Photographer: Michael Sinclair